Bed Bugs Nightmare

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs get their name from spending most of their time around beds, i.e. mattresses, box springs, and normally within 5 to 8 feet around the bed area, but they can also hide in other places like behind paintings, under floorboards, or behind light fixtures. Bed bugs are usually small, flat, and reddish-brown in color, and are only about three-sixteenths (2/16) of an inch in length. Bed bugs feed on human blood and hence are considered a parasite.  They also feed on blood of small animals and birds. They can live up to one year without even feeding.  If your home is clean, bed bugs can still enter the house via used furniture, luggage, or other items from an infested place. Consulting us, the Bed Bug Experts in Edmonton, is the first step in getting rid of your pest problem!

Early Bed Bug Detection

Bed Bug Bites after 24 hours

The early detection of bed bugs can be a very tricky and a complex process, and the ability to detect these bed bugs during the early stages is absolutely important. With the help from our certified detection beagles and other instruments, the accuracy of early detection of these pesky bed bugs increases to a 90-95% accuracy over a 30% accuracy from a regular visual inspection with a naked eye. If our pest control technicians are able to find exactly where the bed bugs are located, they can decrease the area that needs to be treated.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Detecting that you have bed bugs in your house is not always a simple process. Research shows that about one in every twenty people will show a reaction to a bite from a bed bug, so learning to keep an eye on these signs of a bed bug infestation are important. Small spots of dried blood on or around the bed, or tiny black dots that resemble the look of pepper are a sign that bed bugs are present and have been feeding. Their bites sometimes appear in a streak of three bites close together anywhere on the body. These bites will create tiny red welts and will be extremely itchy, and could eventually even blister.

How we can help

Bed bugs can infest any living space, as well as places of business. Anywhere you go (the office, hospitals, furniture stores, hotels, movie theaters, even your car), bed bugs could follow. As Bed Bug Experts in Edmonton, consult us and rid yourself of the worry and hassle that comes with having bed bugs. We understand bed bugs, so we know how to help get them out of your home so you can get on with your life. How will we do that, you ask? Here’s our process:

First things first, if you know you have bed bugs, we will schedule an initial inspection at your home, hotel, or apartment unit, office, group home, nursing home, school, etc., anyplace that is suspected of having bed bugs.

Once we identify that you have bed bugs and make an assessment of the level of bed bug activity, i.e., a low level introduction or a higher level infestation, we can plan the proper treatment plan.